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Destructive Fishing Practices

The coral reef around Balobaloang has been deteriorated constantly by dynamite and cyanide fishing. Fishermen in Balobaloang witness several dynamite and cyanide fishing operations in a typical day without a storm.

This section describes various destructive fishing methods and their impact on the environment. Although various other destructive fishing practices also threaten the coral reef around Balobaloang, the people see dynamite and cyanide fishing as the ones that bring direct impact to their lives.

The complexity of social and political structure that has prevented the stop of dynamite and cyanide fishing is explored in the political dimension and socio-cultural dimension of this website.

In this chapter:

Dynamite fishing
Cyanide Fishing

Also in this section:

The importance of a coral reef ecosystem
What is a coral?
Elements that influence a coral reef ecosystem
Threats to coral reef
Coral reef and global warming
Why do we try to protect the coral reef?
Indigenous knowledge of the marine ecosystem on Balobaloang

Knowledge and practice of sustainable fishing on Balobaloang

Academic works and research on Balobaloang

Global fish trade and the environment


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