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Blast or Dynamite Fishing

In this technique, explosives are set off under water to stun or kill schools of fish after which they are simply scooped up in nets and brought to the surface. Although commercial dynamite is sometimes used, in Indonesia blast fishers commonly construct homemade bombs using glass or plastic bottles filled with artificial fertilizers such as potassium nitrate or ammonium nitrate, often mixed with pebbles an kerosene. The explosives completely destroy the underwater environment, leaving it as rubble. Dynamite fishing has contributed to massive destruction of Southeast Asian coral reefs and others world wide over the past 20 years.

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Destructive fishing practices:
Cyanide Fishing

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The importance of a coral reef ecosystem
What is a coral?
Elements that influence a coral reef ecosystem
Threats to coral reef
Coral reef and global warming
Why do we try to protect the coral reef?
Indigenous knowledge of the marine ecosystem on Balobaloang

Knowledge and practice of sustainable fishing on Balobaloang

Academic works and research on Balobaloang

Global fish trade and the environment


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