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Research and academic works in Sabalana and Spermonde Archipelago

Several Ohio University faculty and students have conducted various research in Spermonde and Sabalana Archipelago in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This is the list of academic studies and works on the area by Ohio University students and faculty:

"Why the fishermen of Barang Lompo do not conserve: a socio and incentive based analysis of coral reef fisheries conservation" by Jordan Crago, 2001.

"Evaluating reef condition and the impact of blast-fishing in the coral reefs surrounding the island Balobaloang, South Sulawesi, Indonesia" by Rita Adele Steyn, 2005.

"Sharing Paradise" by Amelia Hapsari, 2005.
Preview video here.

"Mapping the Effects of Blast and Chemical Fishing in the Sabalana Archipelago, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, 1991-2006" by Lauri A. Hlavacs, 2008.
Download pdf version here.

"Illegal but Common: Life of Blast Fishermen in the Spermonde Archipelago, South Sulawesi, Indonesia" by Chozin Muhammad, 2008.
Download pdf version here.  

Selected academic works about Balobaloang and the Sabalana and Spermonde Archipelagos

Ammarell, Gene

2011 “Just Below the Surface: Environmental Destruction and Loss of Livelihood on an Indonesian Atoll.” In Everyday Life in Southeast Asia ed. Kathleen M. Adams and Kathleen Gillogly. Indiana University.
2009 Navagasi Bugis. Gene Ammarell. Translated by Nurhady Sirimorok. Translation of Bugis Navigation (1999). Hasanuddin University Press.
1999 Bugis Navigation. New Haven: Yale University Southeast Asia Studies Monograph Series.
2002 “Bugis Migration and Modes of Adaptation to Local Situations.” Ethnology 41:1:5-67.
2002 "Knowing When to Sail: Practical Knowledge and Simple Heuristics in Bugis Navigational Strategies.” Bijdragen tot de Tall- Land- en Volkenkunde 158:2:191-223.
1995 "Navigation Practices of the Bugis of South Sulawesi, Indonesia." In Seafaring in the Contemporary Pacific Islands, ed. Richard Feinberg. DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press. Pp. 196-218.

Chozin, Muhammad

2008 Illegal but Common, Life of Blast Fishermen on the Spermonde Islands of South Sulawesi. Master’s Thesis. Ohio University. Reprinted in 2009 by Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag, Germany.

Hlavacs, Lauri A.

2008 Mapping the Effects of Chemical and Blast Fishing in the Sabalana Archipelago, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Master’s Thesis, Ohio University.

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