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Illegal but common: life of blast fishermen

Chozin Muhammad spent two months living and listening to a community of blast fishermen in Spermonde Archipelago in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Administratively, Spermonde Archipelago belong to the same province and regency as Sabalana Archipelago, where Balobaloang is located. Spermonde is much closer to the main island Sulawesi, where the harbor for international trade was located. The people living in Spermonde are also ethnically Bugis and Makassar, like in Balobaloang.

The full text of his thesis is available for download here.

The sections below are chapters taken out of his thesis titled "Illegal but common: life of blast fishermen". Chozin is now working in Nurani Dunia a non-government organization in Indonesia.  

History of blast fishing
Colonial era
After Indonesian independence
Contemporary practices

Patron-client relationship in blast fishing groups
Life of a young juragang
Life of a sawi

Religious and cultural values of blast fishermen

The role of women in blast fishing

The relationship between blast fishermen and other fishermen 

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Social Relationships on Balobaloang




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