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"Sharing Paradise" brings you to Balobaloang, a tiny island with 700 inhabitants in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. As the local fishermen encountered daily threats to their subsistence due to neighboring dynamite and cyanide fishery, a filmmaker came to Balobaloang. She offered the people a chance to empower themselves with a videotaped story on their endangered ecosystem and livelihood.

The process of making the participatory video was revealed in the documentary "Sharing Paradise". This website is an attempt to explain various dimensions and reflections that could not be elaborated in a 60-minute video. This website is hoped to provide a multi-dimensional perspective on a troubled paradise island.

Balobaloang may be too tiny and too far to get the attention of national and international bureaucrats. But the island offers a way to understand development, the environment, globalization, and the tangled web of relationships among each interest and stakeholder.  

"Sharing Paradise" was funded by Ohio University and distributed by Documentary Educational Resources (DER).

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