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Environmental degradation is heavily related to the political dynamics around the region. People do not destroy the environment just because they are greedy or they want to. There has to be a certain condition that gives incentives or in some ways protect the destructive actions. While the local political sphere contributes to the damage, the loss of coral reef in Balobaloang is heavily linked to what is going on in Indonesia and the world as developing countries are opened to market economy.

As Indonesia is still discovering its way to install a democratic system, a sufficient framework of laws and institutions as well as capable human resources is not equally distributed in her 17,000 islands. This condition is a fertile ground for corruption and illegal practices that exploit her marine resources.

Since the growing global market of fish is always open for more marine products without sufficient measures to guarantee sustainability, fish caught by illegal means always finds its way to the consumer's table.

Some topics that will be discussed here are:
A Nation in Search of Democracy
Destructive Fishing Practices and Indonesian Law
Local Autonomy and the Dilemma
Global Trade and the Impact on Developing Countries
Problems in Indonesian Marine Security




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