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Problems in Indonesian marine security
By Amelia Hapsari

"How come the movie is about dynamite fishing? Why don't you make movies about foreign vessels coming to Indonesian waters and taking our resources away?" This comment was made by Jun, a friend of the filmmaker, when she told him about her recent works. This friend lived in Central Java and was working as an office assistant in a private school. He argued, "These blast fishers did what they did to find food, but those foreign vessels took much more than blast fishers."

Jun's observation was indeed astute. Compared to her ancient maritime dominance in Southeast Asia, contemporary Indonesia witnessed a sharp decline in marine control and security. Eddy Prasetyono, a security expert quoted International Maritime Bureau that the Malacca Strait and Indonesia was the most vulnerable water to sea pirates. Among 285 pirate crimes on the sea, 117 happened in Malacca Strait and other Indonesian waters. While comprising of 5.9 million square kilometers of terrestrial water, Indonesia did not have sufficient facility for marine surveillance and control.

Indonesian Navy Chief Tedjo Edhy Purdjianto in a national seminar on February 2009 admitted that the number and the severity of crimes committed in the sea were increasing. The navy admiral also disclosed that by 2008, there were 13 marine institutions who were responsible for marine security and 10 different laws that tended to overlap.

Piracy, illegal foreign vessels, and other marine security problems are eminent in Indonesian waters. The movie was not merely intended to put the blame on dynamite or cyanide fishery. As this website elaborates, the global market of fish trade as well as the lack of sustainable fishery training programs, corruption, and other factors contribute to the marine ecosystem destruction in Indonesia.


Kasal: Keamanan Laut Indonesia Makin Tidak Terjamin (Navy Chief: Indonesian marine security worsens)
Antara News Agency, February 25th, 2009.

Masalah-masalah Keamanan Nasional (Problems in National Security)

By Edy Prasetyono

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